Trueclad is making moves!

The month of November has been HUGE for Trueclad and we are thrilled to keep our clients up to date with the latest developments in our buzzing Head Office, having wrapped up a couple of our recent large projects.

We are keen to get on to the next site, which we count as a massive win and big step forward for our company. Trueclad have been contracted to to replace approximately 1800m2 of Aluminium Cladding at Southport Magistrates Courthouse, needless to say this is a massive achievement for the team to come out on top and be selected as the best company for the job from the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Cladding design has officially been completed and we have commenced removing the existing cladding from the Courthouse, you may have already seen our guys out and about in central Southport!

The job is being split into stages;

we have Stage 1 on track and due to be completed prior to Christmas so we can all enjoy our well deserved break, the head back to work in Early January 2021 to work off the Christmas kilo’s and commence stage 2. Trueclad is committed to our local community and have made arrangements to complete this job after hours to avoid disruption to any of the businesses in the local area and to ensure daily operations run smoothly for the courthouse and businesses in the Southport CBD.

Keep an eye out for our monthly updates and all that latest news Trueclad has to offer!